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  2. Mr.Covey succeeded in bkeirang me. I was broken in body ,soul and spirit ..I have already suggested that the first six months of my stay at Mr.Covey were much worse than the last six .The events that led to the change in Mr.covey attitude toward me from a turning point in my humble history. You have seen how a man was made a slave ;you shall see how a slave was made a man. I chose this quote because it describes slavery and the attitude of the slave owners. its represents the irony and foreshadowing and tone.

  3. Hi Benny. I found your site at Milk the Pigeon. I have to say I really adrime you as a person. I just started reading some of your topics since yesterday. They are great and good for the soul and really inspiring. I’ve decided to make a comment on this article coz the quote “Get busy living or get busy dying” caught my attention. I thought I’ve heard it from somewhere and realized it was from the movie Shawshank Redemption I watched last weekend. All the best!

  4. Thanks for coming over from Alex’s blog! Thanks so much for the clpomiment. Isn’t Shawshank Redemption a great movie? I knew I wanted my blog to be called that. Just sums up how I truly want to live. Not a life doing what I don’t enjoy, but a life I’m filling with the things I do. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading. Hope you’ll be back often.

  5. Wow Mari-Ann! I feel like you just read my mind… Most people think it’s kind of a “silly hobby” that I blog and that I want to stay home with my girls and “home” pcershool. But I LOVE it and I would not know what to do with myself if I sent them somewhere during the week for pcershool or day care or whatever…We are in a big city and any type of homeschooling is usually just considered odd. There are so many popular, amazing schools that people send their kids to and I think they are amazed that I wouldn’t just do what everyone else does. That is SO NOT me!! lolI just take it one day at a time, but I wanted you to know that I completely understand where you are coming from. You know.. and I know… that blogging and sharing what we teach is MUCH more than just a “silly hobby”.You are an AWESOME mommy,Amazing teacher, and I LOVE to read your blogs!~Hugs~Joanna

  6. I hear you (though my husband didn’t make any comnemt at all). I’m an American living in England, and I don’t know any other homeschooling moms in my area (I knew LOTS in Missouri where I’m from–they have co-ops there). I feel like my biggest support is online. And if I ever get any other awards, I’ll pass them on to you because I feel you deserve them–I like your blog so much I wish I could come visit you! The time I passed on an award you gave me, I did it to show I really love and appreciate the blogs I gave them to. I’m sure the other blogging moms feel the same way.

  7. I also feel blessed to have met so many inaoaritipnsl, creative mums like yourself through blogging. I also feel very much like you. Often family and friends don’t seem that interested in resources and activities I am creating (I know this kind of thing doesn’t float everyone’s boat), but every now and again it would be refreshing to be able to bounce ideas around with a family member, or friend. I think I have been very fortunate to “meet” other like minded mums in the blogosphere. Mums who value and have an appreciation for preparing and creating learning activities for their children and mums who are motivated to do so.

  8. Step 14- after you Log into your GoDaddy account click Domains which is found on that green bar. Push the last otopin which claims I have specific nameservers for my domain. Make a user-name and a password for that.

  9. All these casual sex is notihng but a new paradigm of the elite who controls our mass media, education, and every cycle of our life. The belief that women should liberate her feminine beauty is a blatant attack on her inner beauty, without knowing that she’s being subdued to a more dangerous game of being disrespected and degradation into so called sexual liberation ! It is now hard to find a genuine feminine woman who only looks for protection of her inner beauty, in exchange of true love!

  10. Charlie, no need to get rude, I did read the title, which prompted my oriaoingl comment. That is that segregation should not exist. Using statistics that segregate, causes segregative thinking. Also someone that is a victum of a cheater, can have psychological and emotional damage.I have been in 5 month relationships that hurt pretty bad, when I realized the person I was with,was betraying my trust,so yes I am speaking from experience.Thankfully I have a wife today that has healed that distrust.

  11. It’s cool, I was telling some other fool that was sanyig a stupid comment, it’s just hackers that are playing around with our comments. I agree with you we are in the same opinions, a mother should not cheat because it will not only affect the husband but also the child. If it was a girlfrind or boyfrind yeah who care’s. If everybody wants to have freedom on dating well why do we have to get married anyways?

  12. Thanks, Deb! Yes, I usually post my upadtes on facebook, then it goes through automatically on twitter. I’m actually only just catching up on everyone’s comments now! Haven’t been blogging for a little while, but I should have something new soon. I hope you’re feeling better Deb, we’ve been sick tooSharon recently posted.. 0 likes

  13. OK Fool! Enough is enough! Feminism is a right movmeent of woman that should have respect for themselves, not to chose what they want. Liberals are people who know what is good or wrong. You are not a liberal or a feminist you are just a desperate punk that like’s to fuck mom’s, so Fuck Off! Respect sunnygirl please and other woman, especially mature woman who are mother’s.

  14. Wa alaikum saalam, sis,Please, don’t judge us too harshly:) We were learning about holistic living, sharing the benefits of eating well with our children and strengthening the sisterhood all khair.However, we also collected several kilos worth of dried food to donate to the needy here in Egypt (it was the entrance fee) and we raised quite a bit of money too.So I pray Allah accepts it from us.WasaalamNa’ima B.

  15. I really am so happy that you are ptiosng these. I know it’s difficult to watch- but from my perspective, it’s helping me deal with the emotions that go along with it. Being able to see what is happening beyond the news coverage is calming for me. Thank you!!!!!

  16. Oh how I love the beach too, Nina! I love the sounds of the ocean as the waves roll in and break along the shore line. It is worufnedl to hear that you and your family hada great time there. You will have to share your pictures with me soon!

  17. Oh Jackie, these are beautiful! I ralely love that 2nd shot. An image every mom needs. Although the one a few down where there’s a little nose kiss I love that one too. Lovely work!

  18. It is pretty apnperat you had a wonderful day. That’s so good to hear. I hope the new year provides more blessings for you and your family.indeed i did, and hope yours was the same? i’m sure the new year will be wonderful and hope yours is the samea-mum

  19. Merry Christmas darlin!Hope you and Mark have a worfendul day and all our love to both of you as well as the rest of your family.LoveAnnieMerry Christmas honey our day was brilliant I have to say I hope yours is the samelots of lovemoe

  20. Wow, great stuff. We’ve spent quite a bit of time recently tlikang about childcare and what’ll happen when our 2 yr old starts school. It’s frighteningly close! I hope we’ll be lucky enough to have flexibility in our work to allow us both to do a bit if we want/need to, but I’m not convinced. It might be my partner that would stay at home rather than me, but either way, I’m sure your experiences will be enlightening! I’d hate to take our daughter out of nursery altogether though, she loves it so much and it’s really good for her too. BUT it’s so expensive.We’ll be following your progress with interest. Best of luck.

  21. thanks Emma,Yes I too have agonised about wehther to take my 2 year old out of childcare as he loves it so much. Our compromise is that we have allowed 2 mornings of childcare in our budget which will give me some time to do the housework and give him some time to be socialable. I am also going to try and make a little bit of money on the side selling my knitted wares online. We’ll see how that goes!Rach x

  22. stunning photography.congratulations I think Kate is one of the unuiqe, most talented designers in Australia to date and am so proud to be able to showcase her designs at La Toriana.you have captured the essence and the photography is stunning. what a great team you both arewarmlyelizabeth xx

  23. I cook one pot meals very often but I’ve never tried this combination brfeoe. My one pot meals are using with pumpkin/long beans/cabbage. Will try your method one day.

  24. Some compelling nurmebs there Nat. Womenomics’ is an interesting area, it cuts both ways. While its crucial to reach the bulk of the shoppers, if your brand can also offer a product to house husbands’ you are in a really strong position.In AdNews (16/7) Euro RSCG chief strategy officer Claudia David reckons that: – We know more men are involved in looking after kids, but all marketing communication talks to mums. With the rise of single households, a lot of men do grocery shopping but no grocery brands talk to them. the messages are all geared mostly to women. I’d love to see some Aussie brands testing in this area. Build a strong base with female shoppers and test product offerings for males.They may even do the washing up in gratitude?Go brands for blokes!

  25. JenI’d first want to ask someone to deinfe happiness and then see whether I fit into being happy as the life-partner of someone with an addictive illness or as the parent of four children with an unsupportive partner. Both states I have experienced as well as a period as a single parent between between the second and the first and whilst there were periods when I was glum, stressed, angry or whatever overall I believe I was happy and still am even though I still have that elephant in the living room.

  26. These sneak peek pictures are aeomwse. Admittedly I chuckled to myself seeing these as she’s so cute and those feet!Can’t wait to see the rest.Uncle Phil

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  29. Hey thanks, I rellay appreciate the feedback! It seems like most people tend to agree with my sentiments, even if they do enjoy some kpop. It’s not all bad, and some sound original, but not most. I mean, that’s true of any music industry in general, but in Korea, only the same kind of music gets played everywhere and all the time, so it’s much worse.

  30. Hi, Betsy! Yes, I can see your comments now! I’m glad you got it wokirng. Your note about shellfish makes me laugh because I used to joke that I hate the taste of fish and shellfish so much that I’ve never eaten to find out if I’m allergic. Then they ended up doing allergy panels when I had hives and it turns out that I’m not allergic. So there goes that excuse. But still- we would be compatible dining companions! I never choose the seafood place! Thanks for your sweet comments.-Alison

  31. Beautiful beautiful post Suse. You are one of the most aanzimg mums I know. I know how much you love and adore your girls and do anything for them. Hope you had a wonderful day. Love you.Char..xx

  32. 21/12/2010with HTC annoucing on there suorppt site HTC Wildfire (Android 2.2) Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update and about 3 hours ago T-Mobile will be sending out the update in the UK over the next few weeks .Any Chance of us 3 memebers getting the 2.2 Update as well ????

  33. Graeme Collins09/04/2010I live within one hreudnd yards of your Head Office in Maidenhead. In spite of this fact and given that your company is so quick to boast about your bigger, better, faster’ network coverage, you seem somewhat disinterested in looking after the customers immediately on your doorstep. I accept that when we visit rural areas that Three won’t have coverage everywhere but it is simply unacceptable for this to be the case in urban areas and immediately in range of your head office.Over the last three months your coverage has deteriorated more and more. Periodically, myself and other friends in Maidenhead on the network would get an SMS message informing us that you were carrying our maintenance in the area so I put off complaining as everything seemed to be in hand. However, after three months of the service getting worse and worse to the point that calls were being dropped as regular as every forty-five seconds on every single call, I reported the fault. Everyone I have spoken to at Three have been very personable. Their hands are tied and I don’t doubt that you are taking steps to address the issue. But after three months I have had enough. I have given you time to rectify the situation but your service is simply not fit for purpose. I have been offered the chance to use my two Three Mobiles for free for this month. Not good enough. I need to make phone calls! That is what a phone is for. And I won’t as one well-meaning operative suggested take myself out of the area to make a phone call. I use my mobile phone for both personal and business calls. I cannot continue to apologise to my customers for my appalling phone service. It isn’t our fault but no efforts are being made by Three to reward us in this area for our patience and perseverance.You should really ask yourself how you have driven someone who would never normally have the inclination or the time to create such an angry and negative post on your website. You are letting us down, I am angry and I hope this post will encourage you to do something to repair your standing with us in the area.

  34. Christine23/03/2010There was a network issue in the W.Sussex area, due to 3 udaigprng south coverage, and not being able to get access to the mast which is on a local football ground, so for 6 weeks (feb- mid march) I also kept getting cut off and had trouble connecting. But this issue has now been resolved and I am getting perfect connections each time. I was somewhat annoyed during this time though because 3 customer services did not know there was a network issue (only when I went to 3 shop in town was I told), which made them think it was my dongle which involved many wasted hours on the phone dealing with tech help. However, I did find that when my patience was highly tested, the 3 customer service staff were considerate and called back at agreed times to check back with me. Hence, now the coverage is back to normal I am happy using 3.

  35. Moderator19/01/2010Hi Phil. We don’t offer a 12gb top up, hence your difficulty genittg one out of Customer Services. The biggest amount of data we offer in one top-up is 7gb.We were having problems with My3 last week, but these should now be fixed so you can top up as normal. We had a special number set up to help the contact centre manage specific requests for top-ups whilst we were having problems with My3 this is probably the number you referred to. Now My3 is back up and running that number isn’t needed, so it’s been taken off the system. If you need to speak to Customer Services about Mobile Broadband you can call 0843 373 0500.

  36. Phil Marley18/01/2010HiNew to 3 and not impressed. Bouht a mi fi 3 mohtns ago for a399 and notice you are now selling it at a369 having only launched it 4 mohtns ago!!My first 3 month allowance ran out last week and I was unable to top up because your my 3 wasnt working.Rang several numbers today as I would like a 12gb payg top up without having to purchase a new dongle (save the planet and all that) got several useless people in India who could not work out how to do it. Gave up and tried the number you gave above to buy a standard top up, only to find that it does not exist! Great stuff keep up the good work!

  37. Tom14/03/2010Hi, i am having permlobs with 3 pay as you go mobile broadband. This is the second time in 4 weeks i have been unable to connect to the internet, for about 5/6 days each time. I have been told that i will get a35 credit for the inconvience, which has not appeared. Customer Services/Technical Support are not very helpful. I was recently thinking of changing to a contract so i can get 5GB for a315 per month instead of the 3GB for the same price on PAYG. Unless this problem is resolved asap, i am leaving 3. For good.

  38. If you’re connected to the ineenrtt using MiFi then you shouldn’t need to enter a password to access your My3 account page. If you need your password for any other reason, then the SMS message containing it can be found in your MiFi’s inbox, accessible from the dashboard which loads automatically when you connect your MiFi to your computer. I hope this helps. If you’re still having problems please get back in touch.

  39. 14/01/2010i am really fed up with 3 they are dfiuracesgl the way they treat their existing customers. I have 4 contracts with them and cant get the internet a lot of the time. also i was told i was due to upgrade today and after talking to several different people got nowhere each one of them telling me somehing different i will be cancelling all my contacts as soon as i can.

  40. Alan Holland08/03/2010I cannot find my usegae any more, it just comes up with a notice saying the MY3 page has been moved. Why has anybody done this, I can no longer check my usegae.If this is not put right very quickly I will be cancelling my contract and goinf elsewhere, I don’t want to be ripped off for exceding my download allowance!

  41. 28/01/2010Hi,I am really very palesed with 3,no complaints at all and am both a broadband and mobile phone customer. Both myself and a friend of mine have the internet max add on and we wondered if you could add a data counter on my3 to show how much of the 1gb fair use allowance has been used.Kind regardsSteve

  42. Mike T07/04/2010Hey hey. I’m yet another long time cutemosr getting the error of “Sorry, you cannot resubmit the login form” when I try to login to My3. I’ve tried my laptop, home PC and my work PC even my mobile with Google chrome and IE over the last week or so, no joy. Come on 3 sort it out!!

  43. Moderator15/01/2010Hi GillianSorry to hear you’re not happy with our service. In terms of your inilibaty to access the internet, this could be caused by network congestion issues in your area. We’re working hard to fix this. Have a look at these two posts, one from , and the other from .

  44. Se5 koselig e5 ff8re troasijandne videre! Tipper jenta di var fornf8dg emd pakke i den store stf8velen ja:) Knallfin kaffefilterrose!!..og genialt med den lettvinte lf8ysninga pe5 strikka julekule nedanfor! Er kanskje innspurt pe5 permisjon for din del ogse5 no? Eg har nettopp fe5tt jobb og Amandusen skal begynne i barnehagen, blir spennende!Fortsatt god adventstid til deg og dine!

  45. Saa hyggelig aa bgnrie familiens tradisjoner videre. Jeg er sikkert paa at barna setter veldig pris paa dette naar de blir voksne ogsaa.Takk for hyggelig hilsen inne hos meg :) Det blir godt aa komme tilbake til Norge igjen.Ha en fin kveld!klem Nina

  46. I helped move my mom from a one berdoom independent apartment in a residential care facility to a studio apartment. Mom is running out of money and I quickly. No one really anticipated this. The good news is that she has remained independent longer than we thought. (Mom has Parkinsons and a long term care policy that will kick in when she needs assisted living.) The bad news is that she will probably run out of money before she needs the care. I am exhausted and living in a fog. My sister is helping her unpack and settle in this weekend. She flew in from CA leaving her husband and two young girls who start school on Monday. I don’t think she will get everything done with mom because mom will have to get rid of at least 50% more stuff to really make the small space work. I dread dealing with the left overs when she leaves. Mom has Parkinsons and needs more and more help. I thought I was in the thick of things 8 years ago when she was diagnosed and she moved from her condo. Now I realize that it is really just being for me. The last years of a move, multiple falls, emergency room visits, managing multiple medications well that is seeming easy now. I am not looking forward to the next stage. I am not looking forward to aging myself.

  47. Mums are everywhere here in Wisconsin in the Fall. And now that Fall has began teatrrmpuee-wise, bisan asa na jud ang mums makita naku. Can’t blame you for loving such kind of flower Dhemz! I do, too! :) BPC hop!

  48. Oh lordy man flu. Sigh. That was great to read, knowing I’m not the only one to sufefr man flu frequently. How does this happen? I’m not even a man!!Hear Mum Roar s last post ..

  49. What a great post, MaidInAustralia:) You can sometimes tell by the ctnemmos you get, can’t you? I’m just glad you reached a happier place in timeHear Mum Roar s last post ..

  50. What a fab idea!I’ve added my most recent post bucaese it’s my first attempt at poetry and I’m pretty proud of it! I hope you get a giggle out of it!Glowless xGlowless s last post ..

  51. True Colin, true.. I must say you’re a natural, thugoh:)Yes, I’m sorry things on this blog aren’t working so well at the moment, I’m having major technical issues right now.

  52. Sucks … and more. Ouch. If I lived in Tasmania I would be there in a flash with bells on. Really I would.I have a friend who is awylas late … like by four or five hours… I remind, I re-iterate start time, I call on the day… and still she just rocks up with her kids when it suits her – no SMS etc etc. It does my head in. It doesn’t take too much time to send an email or a text message to let someone know you can’t make it or your late.This really really does suck. *hug*

  53. I wasn’t planning too. Frankly, the assentmort available here is enormous..but I am feeling the pressure building.. We have had lots of non traditional christmas (including one when we were living in India, where we ran away to Bangalore over Xmas and had a blast) Stick to your guns

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